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Bali is the most popular of the more than 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia. Though a small island of about 5,600 square kilometers, Bali is considered by many to be a tropical paradise and is the most frequently visited of the Indonesian islands, as well as one of its most populous with around 4 million inhabitants. What this means is that, while beautiful, Bali is also quite congested and well populated with tourist attractions, hotels, resorts, golf courses and towns.

Bali’s capital city is Denpasar, which functions as the administrative center and transportation hub for the island, but is by no means its largest city. That distinction goes to Kuta, which was once a bohemian surfer’s paradise, but is increasingly a bustling concrete jungle full of markets, tourists and city dwellers. Both towns sit in the area of South Bali, which is easily the most well trodden part of the island, primarily because the airport and many of the island’s most attractive resorts and beaches are located here.

Most visitors to Bali come here for the relaxed atmosphere and gorgeous beaches, many of which stretch for miles covered in perfect white sand. The Indian Ocean greets Bali’s south coast in a swatch of perfect turquoise waves, and this is the place where more adventurous visitors go for the many snorkeling and scuba diving delights that the island offers. Those seeking a more relaxed Bali travel itinerary simply enjoy the vistas of sand and water from their resort bungalows or unwind at one of the island’s famed spas.

The interior of Bali is less touched by tourism and offers a variety of outdoor activities, from jungle trekking to golfing. While much of Bali’s landscape is lush with vegetation, the island’s countryside is surprisingly varied, with conspicuous volcano peaks (some of which are still active) jutting into the skyline and giving the entire island an almost primal atmosphere.

On a trip to Bali, you will not doubt experience the island’s unique and colorful culture, from its busy markets where you can buy one of the many local artisan crafts such as statuettes and lace, to its surfer crowd nightlife and cities, which are becoming more and more cosmopolitan. When planning Bali travel, make sure that you account for the island’s climate, which is tropical and make sure that you visit during the dry season.


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